Online Casino FAQ

The issue of online casino

Online casino is either a website available in the browser or software, which can be downloaded to your PC (or the other device). Both variations allow playing various gambling games such as slots, roulettes, cards, lotteries, and plenty of others.

Choose the Best Casinos Online

Is it possible playing with the real cash?
Are the gambling games fair? Is it possible to win the casino?
Do any unfair casinos exist?

Technical issues

How do the slot machines operate?
What is RTP in a slot?

How to select an online casino?

How to start playing in a internet casino?
How to choose online casino

Several criteria

Registering an account and making a deposit

The form is usually understandable for every user. It is important to make certain that the data you give is fair and correct. Otherwise, the troubles with the withdrawals might occur.

Registration and personal information security

Bonuses in the online casino

The bonuses might give you extra money and free spins.

Bonus and Wager
Slots Bonuses

There are several types of them:

  • deposit bonuses
  • no deposit bonuses
  • cash back.

Deposit bonuses include free spins and extra money. The biggest bonus’s usually given for the first investment.

Bonuses in Online Casino

No deposit bonuses are provided by some of the casinos. They might be awarded on a manager’s decision or after the registration.

Tip: if you lose lots of cash, you can write to the support service and ask for free spins or no deposit extra bonus.

Cash back is a refund of money, which has been lost during a certain period. If you, for instance, lose C$ 200 during one week, you’ll get C$ 10 (if cash back totals 5%).

How to choose a bonus?
Wager issue


Why should a user verify an account?
What is required for verification?

Which problems can occur?

The delays of payments
The account termination and blockage
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